About Us

F2J started its activities on 15 May 1997, when it was constituted only by its charter members.


Its first purpose was to supply the needs in the area of aluminum locksmithery and to give support to building construction and public works, distinguishing itself in quality. Very soon F2J stood out in a recessing market and it has never stopped expanding.


Following the necessity of restructuring the company due to the excessive market and involving environment requirements, it increased its capital stock and extended its limits. It quickly stopped being a local company to start covering the whole country and the international market.


F2J is proud, at the present time, to say that it is a solid company in the market, where its core values become notable, above all, due to the quality of the work they render and to continue to justify the confidence of its customers.


Quality is Our Passion

The constant search on continuous improvement of our techniques and innovation allows us to respond effectively to the demands of our customers and it prepares us for the future.

The Management of F2J undertakes to comply with the legal requirements and to create the necessary conditions for the effective performance of all points contained in the normative reference, guaranteeing the involvement of its human resources, communication with its Customers and Suppliers and monitoring at the level of achievement of objectives, aiming at continual improvement of Quality Management System.


F2J – Alumínios e Vidros, Lda.

Rua General Humberto Delgado nº 1085

4765-546 Serzedelo



T.: +351 253 563 415

Fax: +351 253 563 416



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